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Statistical Minimums to Qualify For League Champions

Game-By-Game Statistical Minimums during the season

The leaders during the season will be displayed by totals!

Following is a chart which shows the statistical minimums a player needs to achieve to be listed among the league leaders at any given point in the season.

When checking a player's status, find the number of games the player's TEAM has played in the first column. Then read the number to the right in the second column and check to see if the PLAYER has played in at least that many games. If the player is eligible to be among the league leaders in scoring, rebounding, assists, steals and blocked shots. Players qualify for the league leaders in 3Pt shooting percentage based only on the number of shots made, not games played.

BNXT League

For the professional league, we will only cover the results and playoff statistics from the Belgium league.

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